Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Join EA's Teri Lynge-Kehl as she is interviewed on Aquarian Radio tonight!


Teri Lynge-Kehl ~ 04/16/19 ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Alex Lessin ~ Producer Thomas Becker ~ Stargate to the Cosmos, Revolution Radio, Studio B ~ 8 to 10 PM Eastern time, 7 Central, 6 Mountain, 5 Pacific, 2 PM Hawaii time  www.revolution.radio - Live and later in the archivesTeri is a leader in all things strange and paranormal. There isn't much Teri hasn't studied when it comes to matters of the unknown. She approaches her studies scientifically with an open; non judgmental mind and no subject is to controversial to research. Her personal encounters started as a young child and have been consistent to this writing. Her desire to know truth, led her on a personal quest that has guided her to this day 45 years later. She experienced a very powerful spiritual happening in 1973 that changed her life! Her personal extraterrestrial experience in 1979 changed everything she knew to be true and began a deeper study of what life, and Spiritual truth were really all about beyond the veil of biblical doctrine.She is a radio host and T.V. personality with "The PAIRANORMALS" & Enigmatic Anomalies. Presenting E.A, News updates as well as E.A. T.V presentations and E.A. Radio Interviews. She authors a Blog at Terilynge.com and shares her personal life encounters. She is available locally in Florida for home cleansings and anointing with her gifts of discernment through demonology. Teri has spoken in many cities throughout Florida presenting MUFON. The Mutual UFO Network.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Colorful UFO Experience

So, It was March of 2019, My Husband had just come home from a shoot at TRUMPs Mar a Lago Estate in Miami, He was all excited as to have worked at such a wonderful, enormous event like that.
It was around 6:00pm when we both poured ourselves an Ice Tea and headed out on the pool deck for a night of reflecting over our weekends. We both relaxed in the comfy lounge chairs and put them in the lay back position to really make ourselves comfortable as we chatted. He wanted to tell me all about his exciting weekend. We sat there talking for almost 15 minutes when he shouted out and really shocked me I must say, "hey, look at that bright light", "Do you see that light", I answered, No, where? He was pointing up in the sky as he sat straight up in his lounge chair and said, "Up there, over there". I could see nothing, I didn't know for sure if I was looking in the right place or not? He remarked how fast it was going, he said it was a pure bright white light that cannot be an airplane or any other known military vehicle, It was way to fast and low and made no noise at all. He said it just shot through the clouds for about 3 seconds and then was gone, it was just simply beautiful he said!
I missed it! What a bummer! He was very sure it was an extraterrestrial craft of some sort. Nothing we have in our military can travel at those speeds so low and no noise!
So, we kept on talking and we agreed I missed an awesome opportunity to see an amazing craft.
So, here I was telling him all about "my weekend" without him being at home with me, and all of a sudden there was another Craft overhead!
Kevin was shouting again, "Look, Look, there is another one"!
I saw this one clearly, I shouted back, "I see it, I see it"!
This was so large! It looked like the old game SIMON with the four colors rotating underneath it. I had never seen anything like that before!  WOW! This was a new craft for me! I had heard of this type of craft before but this was my first time seeing one like this! It was beautiful! It was amazing as it spun at that great speed! It was gone in 3 1/2 seconds! There was no time for a picture. The colors illuminated the clouds! Red, Yellow, Blue, maybe Green? It went so fast, It was so beautiful, I was in awe of the craft! It was low, just under the clouds and moving at an incredible rate of speed! No noise at all!
So beautiful. Cutting through the clouds like butter! And then it was gone. It came from the West and was heading East.  It was literally right over our Lanai! We had the perfect seats for this show! It was so wonderful having both seen this together!
We ran in the house to tell the boys to come out and watch again with us. After an hour we felt well, it's getting dark, perhaps we will go in for the night. The crafts never came back that night.
I am always so excited to see the extraterrestrial neighbors shooting through the atmosphere the way they do. It's such an honor!
We could hardly sleep that night wondering if they would come back. I got up several times and walked outside again!
I had an extremely bizarre happening to my body that night as well. It was intense and very odd, I won't share it here, but I did call out to a good friend and confidant within MUFON and shared what I experienced that night, and some part of the morning as well. She did not see a connection to the physical experience and the extraterrestrial experience. I however am not sure what caused it. It was gone in one day. So strange some of the things we experience on this planet relating to our experiences.
My husband and I both hope we will see another craft again soon. It seems they come frequently when they do come.
It's wonderful to think that they come from so far away and we get to be a part of that experience.
 The fact that we could see it together was such a blessing for us.
We are always looking up!

Oh That Smell!

So, a week ago, April 5th 2019, the night my oldest brother had his heart attack (I didn't yet know he had a heart attack), I was sound asleep in bed, in our home with my husband.
It was around 3:15am when I suddenly woke up, out of a deep sleep and could smell the most pungent odor. It was so foul! It was just horrible! I wondered if the house was burning? I thought perhaps the odor was some type of Sulphur that was leaking from somewhere?  It was engulfing the room to the point that it had completely woken me from my sleep and was causing me to cough once I woke fully.
I thought to myself, "how could this be Sulphur"? We have no gas appliances or propane in our home? It smelled as if 50 matches had been struck all at once! I was very groggy and as I tried to raise myself from the bed, I wondered if one of my sons were up and doing something to cause this terrible smell? I got up and looked through the French doors in my bedroom to the other side of the house! It was dark, no lights on and no fire could be seen.
With that at rest in my thoughts I went back to wondering, what is that awful smell? I didn't want to wake my husband as he was sleeping so soundly and had to be up at 5:00am to go to work.
I opened the door to our room and glanced through the house for any burning candles that may have been left on all night? There was no light anywhere and no lit candles!
How strange this was.
What is happening? It felt so strange. Where is that smell coming from? It was just in our room, and it was so strong! I couldn't figure out what was happening so I laid back down and fell back asleep eventually. The smell never left the room as I drifted off again.
The next morning when I awoke, my phone rang and it was my dear nephew telling me to come quickly to the hospital as my brother had had a severe heart attack last night and I should come now in case anything more serious happened.
I loaded up the car and the boy's and I drove to the other side of the state to be with my brother for a few moments. He was very frail.
He was in a sedated state after having an operation, and when I got there, I whispered in his ear, That I was there! He came out of the sedated state momentarily and opened his eyes, looked me right in the eyes, smiled and said "Hi", then he went back into his sedated state. He was now starting to panic a bit. I tried to comfort him, but his body was in great pain.
We left the hospital and after visiting a bit we drove back home.
The next day as I was getting ready to call the hospital to see how my brother was doing, my nephew called to tell me my brother had just passed.
It then came to me at that moment, he was reaching out somehow to me the night before. He and I had both had extraterrestrial encounters in our life. Perhaps they brought him here to me in the spirit that night? Was that why I smelled that horrid smell? Or perhaps they were alerting me of something? My brother and I had a unique bond from our shared encounters.
Often when extraterrestrials are near there is a horrid smell of sulfur that you cannot deny!
I don't know for sure why this happened this way, but it truly did happen. The smell has not come back to my room since.
My younger son however reported that he smelled a strong odd sulfur odor the day my brother, (his uncle) died. My son also is an experiencer of extraterrestrial encounters. Is this just a coincidence?
I think not.
I cannot always explain what happens to me, but it simply cannot be just a coincidence that all this happened on that day!
Rest in Peace my dear brother <3

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Sunday, July 19, 2015

EA's 1st Annual Enigma-con is Right Around the Corner!!

Enigmatic Anomalies is proud to announce it's
1st Annual Enigma-con!!
"Bridging the Paranormal Worlds"
This October 2nd and 3rd in historic New Port Richey, Florida ,
Enigmatic Anomalies will bring the top names in the paranormal field to one place to discuss and present the most up to date sightings and information about your favorite paranormal topic!
From Ghosts to Bigfoot and UFOs to Alien Abduction, Enigma-con will leave you fully informed and aware of the latest and greatest data.
In addition to a magnificent line-up of speakers taking place on Saturday, Friday night will provide everyone with the opportunity to meet and greet our guests as well as take part of a
MUFON M.A.S.T. (Skywatch) headed-up by none other than MUFON Man Bill Schroeder (M.A.S.T. founder). 
We will be looking for UFOs in the skies over the Gulf of Mexico with the latest and greatest hi-tech equipment utilizing night vision!
Please join:
EA founder: Kevin Thomas Kehl
MUFON FL. Assistant State Director: Teri Lynge
as they host this most auspicious event!
You certainly won't want to miss this!!
Rooms are available at the hotel at discounted price.
Simply call the Magnuson Inn and reserve a room
using the secret code word:
The special room rate will be honored both Friday and Saturday night.
Keep checking back for more information and updates but for the most
up-to-date information and to purchase tickets please log on to:

Monday, January 26, 2015

A Night of Paranormal Reality in Ocala, Florida

Before the start of the "Panel Discussion" we were treated to the  world premiere of 
"Mysteries from the Inn",
a new Ocala-produced Paranormal Reality Television Show produced by Phoenix Studios.

Here is the Official Trailer

Let the Q&A begin!


At the Vendor Expo the EA Team was able to make some new friends!

Kevin and Teri with Jerrad Vunovich from 
American Horror Story, Walking Dead and Hunger Games

Kevin with Steve DiShiavi from the Travel Channel's "The Dead Files"

All the guests were so awesome and gracious!!!

EA-News Update Videos are on the way!!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Arriving at The Seven Sisters Inn Ocala, Florida

We finally arrived at the Seven Sisters Inn several hours before the start of the event.
We went inside to check out this historic old structure, reconnect with dear friends as well as make some new and lasting relationships.

Teri and Kevin with Andrea Perron

Andrea and Teri

Stunning home decorations and furnishings

Teri with Andrea's father Roger Perron

Kevin Thomas Kehl - Enigmatic Anomalies founder

Teri Lynge - Enigmatic Anomalies Researcher & Host

From here we drove downtown to the theater and vender expo.

More pics and video footage coming daily. 
Check back soon for complete EA-News Updates!

A Paranormal Experience in Ocala, Florida

Ocala Florida's 1st PARANORMAL REALITY EXPERIENCE was presented by Seven Sisters Inn this past weekend and Enigmatic Anomalies was there covering the event for upcoming EA-News Update segments. 

During the event, we had the opportunity to meet and greet top-gun nationally known Paranormal Celebrities! 

Don't miss any of the updates as they are released by SUBSCRIBING to our YouTube Channel.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

New FBI Discoveries

Florida Bigfoot Investigators (FBI) have started to post their findings from their latest expedition into the Florida swamps and promises to have some compelling evidence.

" ...it's like stepping back in time. Huge palms, oaks and cypress trees surround you and make you feel like you've just entered Jurassic Park with a T-Rex hiding around every corner."

Click here to read part one and to watch their first video.