Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rick Dyer...HOAXER

In the link to the article below, Rick freely admits that he is a hoaxer and making money off of lying to people and playing with their emotions.

Sounds like a nice guy...

"Bigfoot community is a joke and most people in the Bigfoot community are considered a joke"

Then he claims he's the best Bigfoot tracker out there.
Are we to believe that? ....we don't think so.

As if Bigfoot in an icebox wasn't bad enough, now he claims that he has a real dead body.

Enigmatic Anomalies has heard from certain trust worthy sources that this is just another hoax to make money off of curiosity seekers.

While EARS and Enigmatic Anomalies believe it's ok to make money in this field as you follow your bliss doing honest research, we stand firmly against all lies and deceit..... period.

This will be the last posting that has anything to do with Rick Dyer unless it's the report where he got caught in yet another hoax.

Rick Dyer article