Monday, August 26, 2013

Kevin Felt As If He Was Being Wacthed

During a recent outing with Tim and George, Kevin blazes out in his own direction.
Then he gets the feeling he was being watched....

Show #2 Taping Complete! - UFOs & Alien Hybrids

We have recently finished taping our second episode of our TV version of Enigmatic Anomalies.

This episode features Dinah Lechner and her story of UFO abductions and the ET Hybrid Nurturing Program.
This episode will air in the Tampa Bay area on channel 38 some time in September.

Stay tuned for updates!!
We met Dinah for dinner the day before to go over some details.
While eating at the Acropolis in downtown St. Petersburg, we were entertained by the servers. 
After the interview Dinah was on hand to sign books and answer questions.
She sold out of her stock on-hand in minutes!!
Also after the interview MUFON holds its' customary "Round Table Discussion"
This is very personal information and was not recorded.

When shooting photos at MUFON meetings we almost always catch and orb of some kind.
(see arrow)

 Another orb.

EA's wonderful Show Host: Teri Lynge



Another orb.

Our next taping is going to be with Robyn Andrews who did research on a mass abduction that took place in Georgia in the 70's
Strange happenings in CONTEL Communications!
More shows, titles and subjects announced soon!
Stay tuned! 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Florida MUFON Presents "DINAH LECHNER" Author/speaker/Abductee

For more information on time & place visit:

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Dinah has been face to face with Extraterrestrials and has been a part of a Hybrid  Nurturing program aboard Alien crafts.

Come join us and hear the whole story for yourself, It is simply AMAZING!!!