Friday, May 9, 2014


Join the EA-Team of Kevin Thomas Kehl and Teri Lynge 
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November 14,15,16 2014

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Anomalous Florida Occurrences

In March of 2014 mysterious "booms" were heard over Osceola county Florida.
Not even the Osceola Sheriff Department has an idea what is causing these noises which seem to be occurring every night starting around 10pm!
This area is very used to the nightly Disney World Fireworks show so the chances for a miss identification seems improbable.
From Kissimmee to Haines City in Polk County, reports kept coming in for at least 3 weeks.
No further updates have been found on this story thus far.

Image from News 13 on Bright House Networks

Jump ahead 2 months to May, reports along the Suncoast start to come in the morning of May 7th.
This time the sounds were heard from Polk to Pasco with calls coming into 911 trying to find the reason behind the strange noises.

Multiple reports of shaking windows and doors came in during the early morning hours.

The local and nearby Air Force bases say they cannot confirm or deny any of the reported sounds.

A local retired air force police officer, Merrill  Sambursky says "This one this morning was no sonic boom,”

This story is still a mystery but Enigmatic Anomalies will continue to research it.

To add to the complex situation local Tampa Taxi Driver Timothy Fasano reported picking up an officer from Central Command who commented that they were tracking something moving over the Tampa Bay area from South to North at the same time severe storms were moving through the area Saturday night.
He refused to comment further on what was being tracked.

Are the three stories connected some way some how??

Let's add a fourth strange piece to the puzzle.

A small circular cave-in occurred in downtown Tampa closing the roadways.
While it was not a large type sink hole the synchronicity of the events lead you to wonder if there is some sort of connection.

Image Credit: WFLA Channel 8 - Tampa Bay

 While there may be no correlation between these stories EA will be checking in and keeping you posted on the developments as they come in.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

StarWorks USA 2014 - Chicago, Illinois

A great gathering of the minds regarding UFOs occurred this past weekend in Chicago, Illinois. 
EA's own Kevin Thomas Kehl and Teri Lynge were on hand and helped with the A/V production.
The Chicago O'Hare Sighting was the highlight of the event.