Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Sierra Sky is known around the world as a Ghost Whisperer with almost ten years experience in the field of Spirit Rescue and clearings. We are Spirit Rescuers and our motto "Failure Not An Option".
Enjoy this interview with Teri Lynge as they discuss the principles of Spirit Rescuing.
During the interview there were many noises and sounds that seem to come out of nowhere.
One even sounds like it says the name "Teri".
Judge for yourself!

Sierra Sky's Links:



Here is the link to the EVP...judge for yourself!! 
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Friday, December 27, 2013


In tonight's special Christmas episode we meet Bigfoot Hunter - Tim Fasano who has been exploring the dark swamps of west central Florida for years in search of the elusive Skunk-Ape.

Tim's Links:


Wednesday, December 25, 2013


From everyone here at Enigmatic Anomalies we wish everyone a very joyous holiday season!


"Peace on Earth & Goodwill to Our Fellow Man"

Saturday, December 21, 2013

EA-Radio NEW RELEASE! Episode-6

Join EA-Radio's Host Teri Lynge as she talks with Sgt. Clifford Stone.
Find out where to view NEW information and documents that were "never meant to see the light of day"!
Clifford is an amazing gentleman, you certainly don't want to miss this!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

EA-Radio Episode 5 RELEASED!

A contactee since childhood, Rebecca Renfroe has been aboard round, silver crafts and has had consistent, direct contact with a few of the Biological Entities otherwise known as Extraterrestrials.
Rebecca is featured in a new book by Tree Galagher:
"Time of the Unfolding. ET's, Angels & Me"

Friday, December 13, 2013

EA-Radio Episode 4

Meet Susan Cerdan, founder and creator of FURST (Florida UFO Research Study Group) who has been studying UFOs and contactees for nearly 50 years.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Possible Florida Skunk Ape Sighting

This Thanksgiving, while out at a recent solo expedition, Tim Fasano may have caught some great, although be it quick, footage of an upright walking entity.
Click here to see the footage.

Friday, November 29, 2013


As you may have noticed there was no episode of EA-Radio this week. 
The crew was given a long weekend off for Thanksgiving.
We at Enigmatic Anomalies wish everyone a Joyful & Happy Thanksgiving!
We'll be back with more stories of the strange and the bizarre after we wake up from the turkey induced comas.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Coincidence or Syncronicity??

You keep hearing people say that there are NO coincidences, well here is one that I hope someone might have some insight on.
I visited our local Goodwill today and saw a DVD copy of the movie "Signs" with Mel Gibson. It's about aliens and UFOs. I considered buying it because I hadn't seen it in a long, long time and you don't see it on TV.
Then I noticed a second copy on the shelf.
Then I noticed a third copy mixed in on the shelf.
I thought about it for a bit but decided not to make the purchase.
Then upon arriving home I turn on the TV and one of the first commercials I see is an ad for the movie "Signs" airing tomorrow!!!
Coincidence?? Synchronicity???
Are we about to have disclosure??
What's up?
What are your thoughts?
Please leave a comment...

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

EA-Radio Episode 2

Join Kevin Kehl and EA-Radio as he interviews Author, Channeler & Intuitive Reader - Saryon.

Saryon has been sharing channeled messages over the internet since 2002 and often blogs about prophetic visions and his conversations with Ascended Masters and other high-level spiritual guides.

Hear about "Out of Body Experiences" "Angel Encounters" and how you to can have your own personal reading.

NEW Bigfoot Sighting Report Form for the State of Florida

If you live in the state of Florida and wish to report your Bigfoot sighting to a local investigator, the FBI (Florida Bigfoot Investigators) has released their new online form.

Follow the link below to report your own sighting!

Saturday, November 16, 2013


EA is proud to be taking part in the
(November 16th 2013).
Our table is currently set up next to MUFON Florida's table.
Multiple sites from around the country and the world have already checked in.
This is a multi-national event set up by MUFON's Bill Schroeder.
We will be recording the skies around Safety Harbor Florida tonight and posting any video or announcements of sightings that come in on our UFO & ETs page as well as our
Stay tuned or check back frequently for updates!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

EA Radio

EA Radio kicks-off with an interview with 
Psychic, Author and Colorologist 
- Caryl Dennis -
Join your host Teri Lynge as we find out more about Caryl and how you can get in touch with her.

Join us weekly as we develop the show and provide fascinating & interesting stories and interviews! 


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pumpkin Carving Contest Winner!

As in most contests, members of the organization and friends and family of the organization are NOT eligible to win the contest.

However, in this case, when a friend of the organization is the ONLY submission to the contest,
I think the rule becomes null and void.

That being said...this years winner is.....

TIM FASANO who, carved and submitted his entry during the 3rd Annual Bigfoot Expedition.
Thank you Tim for showing the dedication to carrying on the Pumpkin Carving tradition.
We hope that next year there will be MORE entries and that more people will become excited about the contest!
Now the only thing to decide is, seeing as he is the only entry, does he get 1st, 2nd, 3rd Prize or ALL 3! 



Sunday, October 13, 2013

Brooksville, Florida Haunted House - Halloween Celebration!

If you live in the Brooksville Florida area 
and are looking for a scarey time this Halloween, 
don't miss the Brooksville Heritage Museum's 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

EA's NEW Radio Talk Show

Enigmatic Anomalies is proud to announce the development of its new radio talk show.
Keep checking back for details on the dates and times!

Our 1st upcoming guest will be Psychic Caryl Dennis!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


The carving of the Jack-O-Lantern is an ancient custom dating from the 1660s. They are used to ward off evil spirits. Some stories say the light from a Jack-O-Lantern can expose the identity of vampires. An Irish tradition, carving Jack-O-Lanterns from turnips or pumpkins keeps the old world alive in our hearts. It lets each of us work a little charm and brings us close to the veil between worlds on Halloween night. 
Enigmatic Anomalies is proud to host the 1st Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest. 
Just click on the "Contest” tab at the top of this page, fill out the form and upload your photo. 
We’ll display them all and give prizes to the three best entries.

First prize is an Enigmatic Anomalies Tee shirt or hat along with a shrunken head.
Second prize is just a shrunken head. 
Third prize is the Obama Ch ch ch chia head. 

All heads will be only simulated heads. 
No actual human heads will be used unless unforeseen circumstances arise.

Please use only a picture of a pumpkin you carved THIS year. We want you to carve one for us now, not send and old picture. Photos become property of Enigmatic Anomalies and we will only accept one entry per person, one photo of just one jack-o-lantern each.

Enigmatic Anomalies!

Deadline for submitting is October 26th 2013 11:59PM
So get to carving!!



Saturday, September 28, 2013

Teri's TOPIC:UFO Interview

Enigmatic Anomalies is proud to announce that Teri's interview on Topic:UFO has been released.
It can be viewed on their ROKU channel (Episode 51) or watch the YouTube version below.

If you have not heard the story of her personal encounter we are sure you will find it fascinating!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Teri Interviews with "Topic: UFO"

Tonight EA Show Host: Teri Lynge was a guest for an interview on the show "Topic:UFO":
Teri told of her amazing experience and encounter with a UFO that took place in 1979 right in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida

Stay tuned for details on when the show will be released and where it can be seen!!

 MUFON Florida Assistant State Director - Teri Lynge


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

ENIGMATIC ANOMALIES' 1st Television Broadcast!

Set your DVRs, VCRs or whatever you still have or just
tune in to Channel 38 (Great 38 - Tampa Bay, Florida) 
Sunday September 22nd at 3:30am for the premiere episode of :

'Enigmatic Anomalies'

Starting off the series will be
Teri Lynge (Asst. State Director for MUFON Florida) 
and her interview with Dinah Lechner.
Her amazing story of alien abduction and hybrids will amaze you!

Assistant State Director for MUFON Florida - Teri Lynge
 Teri Lynge

You don't want to miss this!
Our 2nd episode will be another interview, 
this time with Dr. Frank Stanley PhD.
Teri will be speaking with Dr. Frank about missing time and regression therapy.
Dr. Frank has an amazing background and has worked with some of 
the top names in the industry from Hopkins to Mack.

 Dr. Frank Stanley PhD.


Our 3rd episode which, currently being produced, 
will cover the ghost investigation and dark history of an extremely haunted Victorian mansion!

  Keep checking back for updates on this one!


Monday, August 26, 2013

Kevin Felt As If He Was Being Wacthed

During a recent outing with Tim and George, Kevin blazes out in his own direction.
Then he gets the feeling he was being watched....

Show #2 Taping Complete! - UFOs & Alien Hybrids

We have recently finished taping our second episode of our TV version of Enigmatic Anomalies.

This episode features Dinah Lechner and her story of UFO abductions and the ET Hybrid Nurturing Program.
This episode will air in the Tampa Bay area on channel 38 some time in September.

Stay tuned for updates!!
We met Dinah for dinner the day before to go over some details.
While eating at the Acropolis in downtown St. Petersburg, we were entertained by the servers. 
After the interview Dinah was on hand to sign books and answer questions.
She sold out of her stock on-hand in minutes!!
Also after the interview MUFON holds its' customary "Round Table Discussion"
This is very personal information and was not recorded.

When shooting photos at MUFON meetings we almost always catch and orb of some kind.
(see arrow)

 Another orb.

EA's wonderful Show Host: Teri Lynge



Another orb.

Our next taping is going to be with Robyn Andrews who did research on a mass abduction that took place in Georgia in the 70's
Strange happenings in CONTEL Communications!
More shows, titles and subjects announced soon!
Stay tuned! 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Florida MUFON Presents "DINAH LECHNER" Author/speaker/Abductee

For more information on time & place visit: www.meetup.com/florida-mufon

Join for free!!

Dinah has been face to face with Extraterrestrials and has been a part of a Hybrid  Nurturing program aboard Alien crafts.

Come join us and hear the whole story for yourself, It is simply AMAZING!!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

PIA (Paranormal Information Association)

Enigmatic Anomalies will be attending the PIA Conference in Sebring, Florida this year.

Teri Lynge will be sharing her story of her dramatic UFO encounter that took place in
 St. Petersburg, FL back in 1979.

Stay tuned for updates and LIVE webcasts from the event!

Check back tomorrow for updates!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New MUFON Meeting in Lakeland Florida

The new meeting place for MUFON-Florida in Lakeland, Florida is at the Sun & Fun Air Museum.

What a great atmosphere to have a meeting about UFOs.

Assistant State Director and EA Host: Teri Lynge relayed to the audience her first hand UFO encounter that took place in St. Petersburg, Florida back in 1979.
If you have never heard this story I encourage you to get a to Florida MUFON meeting and hear it.

The topic for the evening was government disclosure and 
Paul Hellyer's "UFOs Are As Real As Airplanes"

This led to an in-depth round-table discussion afterwards where everyone got to share their feelings and thoughts on this incredible topic.

(Kevin discussing the need for disclosure)

(MUFON Florida's Arial Surveilance Team Captain aka "Sky King" really knows
how to arrive at a meeting in style! )

Come to MUFON's next meeting in Orlando!!


Enigmatic Anomalie's Taping of Dr. Frank Stanley PhD

The taping of EA's first show to air on television was a success!

We had 60 people in the audience and everyone was captivated by the heavy topic of alien hybrids and abductions.
(note the fire red orb caught hovering over the audience)

 The show is currently being edited and will be released on WTTA Channel 38 Tampa Bay.
Stay tuned for date and time of airing in August.

The Production Team Hard At Work
Cameraman Mike McAuley w/ Dr. Frank via Skype

 Kevin working with the audience

 Producer Kevin T. Kehl & Host Teri Lynge

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

TV Show Update

Join Enigmatic Anomalies this Saturday July 20th 2013

 MUFON-Florida Assistant State Director and Enigmatic Anomalies' Host Teri Lynge 
will be conducting an interview with Dr. Frank Stanley PhD.
This will be a LIVE audience participation program with a segment for Q&A and is being recorded for playback on WTTA Channel 38 Tampa Bay.
If you are in the St. Petersburg area please join us at:
St. Pete Main Branch Library 
3745 9th Ave No.
Saturday 7-20-2013 1:00 pm.

The topics up for discussion this day are:
"ET Hybridization and Abduction Regression Therapy"  
....to name a just a few.
You don't want to miss this fascinating time!
MUFON-Florida Assistant State Director Teri Lynge
Dr. Frank Stanley PhD




Enigmatic Anomaly Research Society