Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Florida Bigfoot Evidence: The Florida Bigfoot sighting video (segment)

Tim Fasano has released two more versions of the video that he took while we were out on our last expedition!

Check it out. We think he caught something here and will continue to work together to find more evidence.
Knowing that we were the only people out there at the time this video is very exciting!

We are currently planning the next couple of joint ventures with Tim including Kevin assisting Tim with the Seminole Project and field camera retrieval.

These cameras have been out in the field since late spring and if the batteries have held up we believe this will be a treasure trove of pictures. Hopefully they will hold something conclusive!

Kevin is also working on several other projects including "Project Rendezvous" Bigfoot expedition and a ghost investigation ala Ghost Adventures "lock-down" style.

Also in the works is Kevin meeting with Fire in the Sky author Travis Walton. This should be an awesome experience!

 Stay tuned for more details on these as they develop....

Florida Bigfoot Evidence: The Florida Bigfoot sighting video (segment)

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