Friday, July 26, 2013

PIA (Paranormal Information Association)

Enigmatic Anomalies will be attending the PIA Conference in Sebring, Florida this year.

Teri Lynge will be sharing her story of her dramatic UFO encounter that took place in
 St. Petersburg, FL back in 1979.

Stay tuned for updates and LIVE webcasts from the event!

Check back tomorrow for updates!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New MUFON Meeting in Lakeland Florida

The new meeting place for MUFON-Florida in Lakeland, Florida is at the Sun & Fun Air Museum.

What a great atmosphere to have a meeting about UFOs.

Assistant State Director and EA Host: Teri Lynge relayed to the audience her first hand UFO encounter that took place in St. Petersburg, Florida back in 1979.
If you have never heard this story I encourage you to get a to Florida MUFON meeting and hear it.

The topic for the evening was government disclosure and 
Paul Hellyer's "UFOs Are As Real As Airplanes"

This led to an in-depth round-table discussion afterwards where everyone got to share their feelings and thoughts on this incredible topic.

(Kevin discussing the need for disclosure)

(MUFON Florida's Arial Surveilance Team Captain aka "Sky King" really knows
how to arrive at a meeting in style! )

Come to MUFON's next meeting in Orlando!!


Enigmatic Anomalie's Taping of Dr. Frank Stanley PhD

The taping of EA's first show to air on television was a success!

We had 60 people in the audience and everyone was captivated by the heavy topic of alien hybrids and abductions.
(note the fire red orb caught hovering over the audience)

 The show is currently being edited and will be released on WTTA Channel 38 Tampa Bay.
Stay tuned for date and time of airing in August.

The Production Team Hard At Work
Cameraman Mike McAuley w/ Dr. Frank via Skype

 Kevin working with the audience

 Producer Kevin T. Kehl & Host Teri Lynge

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

TV Show Update

Join Enigmatic Anomalies this Saturday July 20th 2013

 MUFON-Florida Assistant State Director and Enigmatic Anomalies' Host Teri Lynge 
will be conducting an interview with Dr. Frank Stanley PhD.
This will be a LIVE audience participation program with a segment for Q&A and is being recorded for playback on WTTA Channel 38 Tampa Bay.
If you are in the St. Petersburg area please join us at:
St. Pete Main Branch Library 
3745 9th Ave No.
Saturday 7-20-2013 1:00 pm.

The topics up for discussion this day are:
"ET Hybridization and Abduction Regression Therapy" name a just a few.
You don't want to miss this fascinating time!
MUFON-Florida Assistant State Director Teri Lynge
Dr. Frank Stanley PhD




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