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Sunday, July 19, 2015

EA's 1st Annual Enigma-con is Right Around the Corner!!

Enigmatic Anomalies is proud to announce it's
1st Annual Enigma-con!!
"Bridging the Paranormal Worlds"
This October 2nd and 3rd in historic New Port Richey, Florida ,
Enigmatic Anomalies will bring the top names in the paranormal field to one place to discuss and present the most up to date sightings and information about your favorite paranormal topic!
From Ghosts to Bigfoot and UFOs to Alien Abduction, Enigma-con will leave you fully informed and aware of the latest and greatest data.
In addition to a magnificent line-up of speakers taking place on Saturday, Friday night will provide everyone with the opportunity to meet and greet our guests as well as take part of a
MUFON M.A.S.T. (Skywatch) headed-up by none other than MUFON Man Bill Schroeder (M.A.S.T. founder). 
We will be looking for UFOs in the skies over the Gulf of Mexico with the latest and greatest hi-tech equipment utilizing night vision!
Please join:
EA founder: Kevin Thomas Kehl
MUFON FL. Assistant State Director: Teri Lynge
as they host this most auspicious event!
You certainly won't want to miss this!!
Rooms are available at the hotel at discounted price.
Simply call the Magnuson Inn and reserve a room
using the secret code word:
The special room rate will be honored both Friday and Saturday night.
Keep checking back for more information and updates but for the most
up-to-date information and to purchase tickets please log on to:

Monday, January 26, 2015

A Night of Paranormal Reality in Ocala, Florida

Before the start of the "Panel Discussion" we were treated to the  world premiere of 
"Mysteries from the Inn",
a new Ocala-produced Paranormal Reality Television Show produced by Phoenix Studios.

Here is the Official Trailer

Let the Q&A begin!


At the Vendor Expo the EA Team was able to make some new friends!

Kevin and Teri with Jerrad Vunovich from 
American Horror Story, Walking Dead and Hunger Games

Kevin with Steve DiShiavi from the Travel Channel's "The Dead Files"

All the guests were so awesome and gracious!!!

EA-News Update Videos are on the way!!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Arriving at The Seven Sisters Inn Ocala, Florida

We finally arrived at the Seven Sisters Inn several hours before the start of the event.
We went inside to check out this historic old structure, reconnect with dear friends as well as make some new and lasting relationships.

Teri and Kevin with Andrea Perron

Andrea and Teri

Stunning home decorations and furnishings

Teri with Andrea's father Roger Perron

Kevin Thomas Kehl - Enigmatic Anomalies founder

Teri Lynge - Enigmatic Anomalies Researcher & Host

From here we drove downtown to the theater and vender expo.

More pics and video footage coming daily. 
Check back soon for complete EA-News Updates!

A Paranormal Experience in Ocala, Florida

Ocala Florida's 1st PARANORMAL REALITY EXPERIENCE was presented by Seven Sisters Inn this past weekend and Enigmatic Anomalies was there covering the event for upcoming EA-News Update segments. 

During the event, we had the opportunity to meet and greet top-gun nationally known Paranormal Celebrities! 

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

New FBI Discoveries

Florida Bigfoot Investigators (FBI) have started to post their findings from their latest expedition into the Florida swamps and promises to have some compelling evidence.

" ...it's like stepping back in time. Huge palms, oaks and cypress trees surround you and make you feel like you've just entered Jurassic Park with a T-Rex hiding around every corner."

Click here to read part one and to watch their first video.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Kevin Thomas Kehl Interview

Today EA's own Kevin Thomas Kehl was interviewed on BlogTalk Radio's Channel: "Strange Surroundings / Secret Universe" with Host Loren Hatfield.

The topic today was "Red Flags and the Shadow Government"

If you missed the show you can listen to the recorded copy of the show below.

Check Out Entertainment Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with StrangeSurroundingsSecretUniverse on BlogTalkRadio

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Solo Expedition

EA's own Kevin Thomas Kehl went out in the field to investigate a Bigfoot sighting area that was reported to the BFRO last autumn.

Read the full details at the Florida Bigfoot Investigators website here to see what he discovered.

Kevin Thomas Kehl

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Florida Bigfoot Investigators (FBI) Catch Bigfoot

The research group known as Florida Bigfoot Investigators or F.B.I. are planning on releasing a video today that shows a captured and killed body of a Bigfoot from the Green Swamp area of Central Florida.

While out on the 4th Annual Halloween Bigfoot Expedition Tim Fasano, George McGee and Kevin Thomas Kehl seem to have obtained the smoking gun on Bigfoot's existence.
There has been no shortage of evidence in researching this area. The first year Kevin Thomas Kehl and George McGee discovered a long trackway of prints. The second year is where Tim Fasano shot his now famous footage of a possible Bigfoot behind some palms.

Only time will tell when this video gets released today at 5pm here and at FloridaBigfootInvestigators.com or FLBFI.com followed by its release on our YouTube channel at 6pm EST.

Stay tuned to Enigmatic Anomalies as we follow this story and bring you the facts and truth as it comes out.

Video Released!