Thursday, April 11, 2019

Oh That Smell!

So, a week ago, April 5th 2019, the night my oldest brother had his heart attack (I didn't yet know he had a heart attack), I was sound asleep in bed, in our home with my husband.
It was around 3:15am when I suddenly woke up, out of a deep sleep and could smell the most pungent odor. It was so foul! It was just horrible! I wondered if the house was burning? I thought perhaps the odor was some type of Sulphur that was leaking from somewhere?  It was engulfing the room to the point that it had completely woken me from my sleep and was causing me to cough once I woke fully.
I thought to myself, "how could this be Sulphur"? We have no gas appliances or propane in our home? It smelled as if 50 matches had been struck all at once! I was very groggy and as I tried to raise myself from the bed, I wondered if one of my sons were up and doing something to cause this terrible smell? I got up and looked through the French doors in my bedroom to the other side of the house! It was dark, no lights on and no fire could be seen.
With that at rest in my thoughts I went back to wondering, what is that awful smell? I didn't want to wake my husband as he was sleeping so soundly and had to be up at 5:00am to go to work.
I opened the door to our room and glanced through the house for any burning candles that may have been left on all night? There was no light anywhere and no lit candles!
How strange this was.
What is happening? It felt so strange. Where is that smell coming from? It was just in our room, and it was so strong! I couldn't figure out what was happening so I laid back down and fell back asleep eventually. The smell never left the room as I drifted off again.
The next morning when I awoke, my phone rang and it was my dear nephew telling me to come quickly to the hospital as my brother had had a severe heart attack last night and I should come now in case anything more serious happened.
I loaded up the car and the boy's and I drove to the other side of the state to be with my brother for a few moments. He was very frail.
He was in a sedated state after having an operation, and when I got there, I whispered in his ear, That I was there! He came out of the sedated state momentarily and opened his eyes, looked me right in the eyes, smiled and said "Hi", then he went back into his sedated state. He was now starting to panic a bit. I tried to comfort him, but his body was in great pain.
We left the hospital and after visiting a bit we drove back home.
The next day as I was getting ready to call the hospital to see how my brother was doing, my nephew called to tell me my brother had just passed.
It then came to me at that moment, he was reaching out somehow to me the night before. He and I had both had extraterrestrial encounters in our life. Perhaps they brought him here to me in the spirit that night? Was that why I smelled that horrid smell? Or perhaps they were alerting me of something? My brother and I had a unique bond from our shared encounters.
Often when extraterrestrials are near there is a horrid smell of sulfur that you cannot deny!
I don't know for sure why this happened this way, but it truly did happen. The smell has not come back to my room since.
My younger son however reported that he smelled a strong odd sulfur odor the day my brother, (his uncle) died. My son also is an experiencer of extraterrestrial encounters. Is this just a coincidence?
I think not.
I cannot always explain what happens to me, but it simply cannot be just a coincidence that all this happened on that day!
Rest in Peace my dear brother <3

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