Monday, April 1, 2013

Busy Week

Well it has been a very busy weekend for the E.A.R.S. team
Kudos to our newest team member Teri Lynge who braved her first Bigfoot hunt camping in the 35 degree weather with a cold!!
She is a real trooper and is a very valuable member and addition to our team!

The Myakka Sasquatch hunt with Tim Fasano along with Stacy Brown and his team had some great results! 

Tim has posted some of his videos on his YouTube channel and his blog
George has uploaded some of his vlogs from that day on our YouTube channel ( we want to thank everyone for their great comments.
George was unable to camp the night with us but was able to meet up the next morning. 
Here is a small sample, please subscribe to our YouTube channel for more.

I have not had the opportunity to upload my videos yet as I went straight to a MUFON UFO symposium followed by a Sky Watch.
We were joined by Morgan Beall, the Florida State Director for MUFON, Teri Lynge who is also the Assistant State Director for MUFON,
 as well as Field Investigators and supporters.
We shot some great video of objects in the sky that were not visable to the naked eye using night vision provided by F.I. Bill Schroeder.
 . One of the objects was determined to be a satellite but the others don't correlate to any known satellite lists.

All these videos will be uploaded soon so check back!


In the mean time, here are some of the current Monthly UFO Sighting Stats as released by MUFON for the month of March:

State Number of Reports
California 59
Florida 30
New York 26
Texas 26
Michigan 21
Arizona 20

Country Number of Reports