Sunday, November 25, 2012

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bigfoot Researcher of the Year Nominees

Tim Fasano and Kevin Kehl were part of the list of nominees for the 2012 Bigfoot Researcher of the Year.
 They are both honored to be considered nominees. 
See the other names listed below which includes Matt Moneymaker from the hit show "Finding Bigfoot".


Friday, November 23, 2012

Possible Debunking of a BFRO case in Central Florida

Enigmatic Anomalies' Kevin Kehl went out into the field yesterday to investigate an area that was reported by the BFRO as having a Class A Bigfoot sighting. 
What Kevin found out there while taping his Happy Thanksgiving wishes to our subscribers may put the question to rest.

Please watch the video, leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Seminole Project: Trail cam images from the swamp

The Seminole Project: Trail cam images from the swamp: There were 8,255 images on the media card from the trail cam. That is a large amount to sort through and analyze. The sequence of images see...

Trailcam Retrieval

Tim Fasano and Kevin  Kehl spent most of the afternoon yesterday pushing their way through a thick Florida swamp on their way to retrieve a trailcam that was left there last spring.

At the trail head things had dried up considerably since the last time they did a drive-by check last month so they were encourage that they would have no issues retriving the piece of equioment.
These hopes were dashed the closer they got to it's location.

When the camera was placed into position the ground all around was completely dry. However, now the tree that the camera was attached to was it's own island!

Tim braved the swampy waters and made the trip through the muck and mire to free the camera from the tree. The batteries were found to be dead so there was no way of telling how many images the card held.

Later that night Kevin received a phone call from an excited Tim saying that there were over 8,000 images on the card and that it would take close to an hour for them all to download.
At first glance he did not see anything noteworthy but that was gauging it strictly from the thumbnails as they loaded onto his computer.

The intent was to document the trip as they headed out there LIVE as it happened on our "Mobile Streaming News Feed" page but there was an issue with it accepting video remotely.

The videos have since been upload to our You Tube channel and can be viewed at www.YouTube/EnigmaticAnomalies

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7 videos documenting the trip and the retrieval were taken including a run-in that Kevin had with a cotton-mouth as seen below.

Also check out different camera angles, videos and updates from Tim on his blog and websites below:


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Florida Bigfoot Evidence: The Florida Bigfoot sighting video (segment)

Tim Fasano has released two more versions of the video that he took while we were out on our last expedition!

Check it out. We think he caught something here and will continue to work together to find more evidence.
Knowing that we were the only people out there at the time this video is very exciting!

We are currently planning the next couple of joint ventures with Tim including Kevin assisting Tim with the Seminole Project and field camera retrieval.

These cameras have been out in the field since late spring and if the batteries have held up we believe this will be a treasure trove of pictures. Hopefully they will hold something conclusive!

Kevin is also working on several other projects including "Project Rendezvous" Bigfoot expedition and a ghost investigation ala Ghost Adventures "lock-down" style.

Also in the works is Kevin meeting with Fire in the Sky author Travis Walton. This should be an awesome experience!

 Stay tuned for more details on these as they develop....

Florida Bigfoot Evidence: The Florida Bigfoot sighting video (segment)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wildman / Skunk Ape Caught!

Not many people know about or have heard about the capture of the "Wild Man of Ocheesee Pond", Florida.

Back in August of 1884, after a series of sightings of a wild man covered with hair and swimming between the islands, a group of residents assembled with horses, guns and boats and set out to capture the creature. It didn't take them long to apprehend their prey and bring it in.

The Native Americans in the area had many stories of a wild creature much taller than a normal person and  covered with hair roaming the lake and swamps.

 Ocheesee Pond, Florida

The news was released in Columbus Georgia on August 23, 1884

News brought by the steamer Amos Hays from Lower River is to the effect that the wild

man captured in Ocheecee Swamp, near  Chattahoochee, and carried to Tallahassee,

did not belong to a Florida asylum, and that  all inquiry proved unavailing to identify him.

He had been swimming in Ocheecee Lake,  from island to island, and when taken was

entirely destitute of clothing, emaciated, and  covered with a phenomenal growth of hair.

He could give no account of himself, and the  theory is that he escaped from an asylum of

some other state, and spent his time in the  woods, living on berries, &c.

It was thought that he was an escape from the Florida State Hospital but it claimed to have had no one fitting this description or anyone who had escaped. 
No other institute or asylum reported such an escapee.
He had a human appearance and was covered in a thick hair.
This only added to the mystery of the wild man.

There are no further accounts of what happened to the wild man after his capture.
No information is currently available as to where he was taken.

If there are any readers that have any further information about this incident please leave a comment below.

Enigmatic Anomalies will continue to investigate this story further.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Re-examining the Bigfoot Area

Enigmatic Anomalies was back out in the field again yesterday investigating the location of Tim Fasano's Bigfoot video. 
Tim and Kevin worked on recreating the shot and tried to determine the height of the creature. 
Later that evening Tim made an amazing discovery while re-examining his footage. 
He discovered that there were in fact TWO individuals in the shot. EA is looking forward to the release of the footage next week.

More footage from this expedition to come...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tim Fasano Captures Florida Bigfoot on Video.

Tim Fasano has just published a video that was shot during a recent excursion with the E.A.R.S. team and Seekers Paranormal..
They were investigating a possible Florida Bigfoot migratory route through a swampy area of Central Florida.

One year to the date of the E.A.R.S. team finding a long trail of footprints,  Tim was able to capture a Bigfoot attempting to hide from him in the palmetto bushes.

The clip is quick but upon close inspection you get the sense that this creature is big, bulky and trying to evade prying eyes.. It appears to be bipedal and exhibits a ducking motion behind the bushes..

 "Finding Bigfoot" host Matt Moneymaker has watched the video and has posted several tweets on it including the following:

Floridian Tim Fasano seems to have gotten some legit BF footage. Persistence pays! From Central Florida (Green Swmp):

Regarding Fasano's footage from Green Swamp (best guess). Yes, there are bigfoots in that area, and yes, they hide among palmettos like that

Fasano is not a BFRO member but we know he's in the field a lot. His odds were better for that reason. Also that part of FL is losing swamps

The relevant figure in new FL clip is visible very briefly. Only uppermost part of body is seen (4:09 - 4:20 >rewinds). It crouches & hides.

Enigmatic Anomalies and the entire E.A.R.S. team are proud to be working with Tim Fasano and fully support his "Seminole Project". Tim and Kevin make regular trips setting and retrieving trail-cams deep in the Florida swamps.

Since doing our initial interview with Tim back in January of this year we have found him to be nothing
less than a hard working individual dedicated to just being out in the thick of things bringing you honest videos of what he sees. 

Tim and the will continue to investigate further into this area and try to retrace Tim's steps through the swamp to see if any further evidence can be found. 

Stay tuned for developments.