Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wildman / Skunk Ape Caught!

Not many people know about or have heard about the capture of the "Wild Man of Ocheesee Pond", Florida.

Back in August of 1884, after a series of sightings of a wild man covered with hair and swimming between the islands, a group of residents assembled with horses, guns and boats and set out to capture the creature. It didn't take them long to apprehend their prey and bring it in.

The Native Americans in the area had many stories of a wild creature much taller than a normal person and  covered with hair roaming the lake and swamps.

 Ocheesee Pond, Florida

The news was released in Columbus Georgia on August 23, 1884

News brought by the steamer Amos Hays from Lower River is to the effect that the wild

man captured in Ocheecee Swamp, near  Chattahoochee, and carried to Tallahassee,

did not belong to a Florida asylum, and that  all inquiry proved unavailing to identify him.

He had been swimming in Ocheecee Lake,  from island to island, and when taken was

entirely destitute of clothing, emaciated, and  covered with a phenomenal growth of hair.

He could give no account of himself, and the  theory is that he escaped from an asylum of

some other state, and spent his time in the  woods, living on berries, &c.

It was thought that he was an escape from the Florida State Hospital but it claimed to have had no one fitting this description or anyone who had escaped. 
No other institute or asylum reported such an escapee.
He had a human appearance and was covered in a thick hair.
This only added to the mystery of the wild man.

There are no further accounts of what happened to the wild man after his capture.
No information is currently available as to where he was taken.

If there are any readers that have any further information about this incident please leave a comment below.

Enigmatic Anomalies will continue to investigate this story further.

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