Friday, November 21, 2014

Kevin Thomas Kehl Interview

Today EA's own Kevin Thomas Kehl was interviewed on BlogTalk Radio's Channel: "Strange Surroundings / Secret Universe" with Host Loren Hatfield.

The topic today was "Red Flags and the Shadow Government"

If you missed the show you can listen to the recorded copy of the show below.

Check Out Entertainment Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with StrangeSurroundingsSecretUniverse on BlogTalkRadio

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Solo Expedition

EA's own Kevin Thomas Kehl went out in the field to investigate a Bigfoot sighting area that was reported to the BFRO last autumn.

Read the full details at the Florida Bigfoot Investigators website here to see what he discovered.

Kevin Thomas Kehl

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Florida Bigfoot Investigators (FBI) Catch Bigfoot

The research group known as Florida Bigfoot Investigators or F.B.I. are planning on releasing a video today that shows a captured and killed body of a Bigfoot from the Green Swamp area of Central Florida.

While out on the 4th Annual Halloween Bigfoot Expedition Tim Fasano, George McGee and Kevin Thomas Kehl seem to have obtained the smoking gun on Bigfoot's existence.
There has been no shortage of evidence in researching this area. The first year Kevin Thomas Kehl and George McGee discovered a long trackway of prints. The second year is where Tim Fasano shot his now famous footage of a possible Bigfoot behind some palms.

Only time will tell when this video gets released today at 5pm here and at or followed by its release on our YouTube channel at 6pm EST.

Stay tuned to Enigmatic Anomalies as we follow this story and bring you the facts and truth as it comes out.

Video Released!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Teri Lynge: The Floating Head, Part 2

Teri Lynge: The Floating Head, Part 2:   So, after about three months had passed since my experience at the St. Petersburg beach apartment I found myself one night in Tampa w...

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

UFO Conference in Laughlin, Nevada

Paola Harris
Nostalgia, UFOs & Consciousness
Aquarius Casino Resort - Laughlin, NV
           Nov. 14-16, 2014

International photo-journalist Paola Harris presents he yearly
StarworksUSA UFO conference this November in Laughlin, Nevada.
The theme this time around is: "Back to the Future" (Nostalgia, UFOs and Consciousness).
Paola has an incredible line up of speakers for the event with special guest George Noory host of the radio talk show "Coast to Coast AM". 
You will not want to miss this!!

Enigmatic Anomalies' own Teri Lynge and Kevin Thomas Kehl will be on hand covering the event.

The speaker line-up and schedule is as follows:


 Regina Meredith: Merging with Flesh: Our Mysterious Human Origins

Aaron Judkins: The Search for Noah's Ark

Chase Kloetzke: The Mysterious Trail of the Peruvian Skulls

Andrea Perron: The Merging of Science and Spirituality

Carrie-Anne Hartley: Consciousness and Interdimensional Communication

Stranger at the Pentagon followed by Q&A with Craig Campobasso, introduced by George Noory


Stephen Bassett: Disclosure Report from Washington D.C.

Heather Arielle: Consciousness and the Stars - The Energy of Transformation
Paola Harris: The Road to Consciousness
Panel Discussion: The Citizen Hearing and Where Do We Go From Here? led by George Noory (Regina Meredith, Steve Bassett, Steve Allen, Chase Kloetzke, Paola Harris, Joe Buchman, Grant Cameron

Ricardo González: Messages from ET Contact

Jaime Maussan: Breaking News: The Latest UFO Videos

DINNER with Keynote by Paul Davids followed by movie The Life After Death Project

Breakout sessions with Yvonne Smith (8:00 AM - 12:00 PM) and Karen Gresham Nickel 


 Grant Cameron: UFOs and Consciousness

 Joe Buchman: Grassroots Exopolitics: What You Can Do to Cause First Contact

Panel Discussion: Return to Giant Rock:(Paola Harris, Craig Campobasso, David Garcia, Lori Wagner, Tom Hamlin)



Thursday, October 2, 2014

UFO Conference in Laughlin, Nevada

Don't miss this awesome UFO Conference being held in Laughlin, Nevada 
brought to you by world renown International Photo-journalist
 Paola Harris.

Time is running out to get your tickets.

Meet Kevin Thomas Kehl and Teri Lynge who will be there covering the event for Enigmatic Anomalies

For more information  on the speaker line-up please visit:

Friday, May 9, 2014


Join the EA-Team of Kevin Thomas Kehl and Teri Lynge 
in Laughlin, Nevada for the next event from
Registration is now open so take advantage of the early-bird sign-up!

Great speaker line-up and a great location will make this an event to remember!

November 14,15,16 2014

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Anomalous Florida Occurrences

In March of 2014 mysterious "booms" were heard over Osceola county Florida.
Not even the Osceola Sheriff Department has an idea what is causing these noises which seem to be occurring every night starting around 10pm!
This area is very used to the nightly Disney World Fireworks show so the chances for a miss identification seems improbable.
From Kissimmee to Haines City in Polk County, reports kept coming in for at least 3 weeks.
No further updates have been found on this story thus far.

Image from News 13 on Bright House Networks

Jump ahead 2 months to May, reports along the Suncoast start to come in the morning of May 7th.
This time the sounds were heard from Polk to Pasco with calls coming into 911 trying to find the reason behind the strange noises.

Multiple reports of shaking windows and doors came in during the early morning hours.

The local and nearby Air Force bases say they cannot confirm or deny any of the reported sounds.

A local retired air force police officer, Merrill  Sambursky says "This one this morning was no sonic boom,”

This story is still a mystery but Enigmatic Anomalies will continue to research it.

To add to the complex situation local Tampa Taxi Driver Timothy Fasano reported picking up an officer from Central Command who commented that they were tracking something moving over the Tampa Bay area from South to North at the same time severe storms were moving through the area Saturday night.
He refused to comment further on what was being tracked.

Are the three stories connected some way some how??

Let's add a fourth strange piece to the puzzle.

A small circular cave-in occurred in downtown Tampa closing the roadways.
While it was not a large type sink hole the synchronicity of the events lead you to wonder if there is some sort of connection.

Image Credit: WFLA Channel 8 - Tampa Bay

 While there may be no correlation between these stories EA will be checking in and keeping you posted on the developments as they come in.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

StarWorks USA 2014 - Chicago, Illinois

A great gathering of the minds regarding UFOs occurred this past weekend in Chicago, Illinois. 
EA's own Kevin Thomas Kehl and Teri Lynge were on hand and helped with the A/V production.
The Chicago O'Hare Sighting was the highlight of the event.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Enigmatic Anomalies is so proud to have Teri Lynge as a part of the EA-team as well as for her recent addition to the prestigious group "Women in Ufology".

Teri has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team and has used her investigator training and experience to the crytozoology field in the search for the Florida Skunk Ape.

Monday, February 10, 2014


Sit back for an enlightening discussion with Anthony F. Sanchez.
From Grays to Area 51 and Human Origins to conspiracy theories you wont be disappointed in tonight's show!

Author of the explosive book UFO Highway, which was called "an incredible story and an incredible book" by George Noory and "The most important book in Ufology in the last 20 years." by others, Anthony is the founder of Sceptre Radio Network a platform for talk radio that is off limits to the establishment and which operates uncensored and unconstrained. In addition, Anthony is organizer of the annual UFO Paranormal Summit in Sacramento CA which provides an unprecedented gathering of top experts of Ufology and the Paranormal to help expose what is really happening to the people of this planet.




Monday, February 3, 2014


Prepare yourself for a wonderful evening with the lovely, warm and friendly Karyn Dolan and your host Teri Lynge.
Karyn has been interested in spiritual and paranormal subjects her entire life.
Karyn is the host of "Through the Keyhole" radio show and has spoken at several UFO conferences around the country.


Monday, January 27, 2014


Today we will meet Andrea Perron. 
One of the daughters that went through the ordeal of the Harrisville, Rhode Island haunting that inspired the movie "The Conjuring".
We will hear the truth about the incident, more about Ed and Lorraine Warren, and the true story behind this incredible family's journey through these bizarre events that was even more anomalous than the movie!


Andrea's YouTube Channel

Andreas Facebok Page


Friday, January 24, 2014


From an early childhood UFO/alien experience and throughout her life, a continued presence and integration of the awesome UFO phenomenon has carried a respectful degree of spiritual significance for Becky and her family.
Being that she was trained by Elders to master the art of symbolic spiritual writings and speach through mind, sense of touch, color and sound, the deep unknown within, has opened and prepared the way of her destiny.

Be sure you don't miss the special message that Becky
has just for you!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

EA-Radio Show UPDATES!

See what you've been missing by not following us on!!


EA-Radio Host 
Teri Lynge

Two NEW radio shows released!