Thursday, October 30, 2014

Florida Bigfoot Investigators (FBI) Catch Bigfoot

The research group known as Florida Bigfoot Investigators or F.B.I. are planning on releasing a video today that shows a captured and killed body of a Bigfoot from the Green Swamp area of Central Florida.

While out on the 4th Annual Halloween Bigfoot Expedition Tim Fasano, George McGee and Kevin Thomas Kehl seem to have obtained the smoking gun on Bigfoot's existence.
There has been no shortage of evidence in researching this area. The first year Kevin Thomas Kehl and George McGee discovered a long trackway of prints. The second year is where Tim Fasano shot his now famous footage of a possible Bigfoot behind some palms.

Only time will tell when this video gets released today at 5pm here and at or followed by its release on our YouTube channel at 6pm EST.

Stay tuned to Enigmatic Anomalies as we follow this story and bring you the facts and truth as it comes out.

Video Released!

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